About Festival HAM

About Festival HAM (Human Rights Festival)

The Festival HAM (Human Rights Festival) is an annual event initiated by the International NGO Forum on Indonesia Development (INFID). In 2014 in Jakarta, INFID together with other NGOs held a Human Rights District/City Conference.

This conference is part of the campaign for the implementation of human rights cities in Indonesia as a concept to encourage the active role of local governments to participate in assuming human rights responsibilities. The conference is intended as a sharing space among stakeholders to discuss, exchange best practices and innovations in the promotion and fulfillment of human rights at the regional level.

In its development, the conference became an annual event that also involved local governments as organizers.

Since 2016, at the request of Bojonegoro Regency as the organizer at the time, the Human Rights Regency/City conference then changed its format to a Festival HAM (Human Rights Festival) which combines conference events and cultural performances.


The naming and format of the Festival HAM was then followed by Jember in 2019, Banjarmasin in 2020, and in 2021 Semarang City was followed as the host.

About Festival HAM 2021

Festival HAM 2021 will be held Online & Offline on 16th-19th November 2021 with the theme “Moving Together to Strengthen Diversity, Inclusion and Resilience”. This year, the Human Rights Festival was organized by the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission, INFID, the Presidential Staff Office, and the Semarang City Government and all other supporting institutions.

Logo Meaning

Warak Ngendog is an imaginary animal that has a deep philosophical meaning. Warak Ngendog is often referred to as an acculturation/unification of various ethnic groups in Semarang, namely Chinese, Arabic and Javanese.


The combination of these groups is described in the following form:

  • Its head resembles the head of a Dragon, typical of Chinese culture
  • His body is shaped like a camel, typical of Arab culture
  • The four legs resemble the legs of a goat, typical of Javanese culture


The logo shape resembles the letter H which is famous for the Semarang City Plate. For the letter H, there is a Batik pattern that shows the unique culture of Indonesia, namely Batik with colorful patterns that show the diversity of Indonesia.

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